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2016 Congress Media Coverage

Toddlers prefer to help familiar people, new research reveals
Babyology, 30 September 2016

Sleep And Anxiety Treatment Is Helping Children Cope With ADHD, New Studies Suggest
Huffington Post, 14 September 2016

Australian Psychological Society apologises for failing Indigenous Australians
ABC online, 15 September

Psychologists apologise to Indigenous Australians for decades of mistreatment
The Guardian, 15 September 2016

Peak psychologist body issues landmark apology to Indigenous Australians
ABC, 15 September 2016

Boys schools girls schools versus coed: Which is best for our children?
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 September 2016

Ageing stereotypes risk depression
healthtimse.com.au, 15 September 2016

Corporate psychopath rates similar to prison population says researcher
Radio Australia, 13 September

Is you boss a 'successful psychopath?"
Business News Daily, 15 September 2016

Why supply chain managers are psychopaths
Financial Review, 13 September 2016

Single sex schools offer no advantages and feed stereotypes psychologists told
The Guardian, 14 September 2016

Brains aren't powered better by single sex schooling
ABC the World Today, 13 September 2016

The tricky path to a happy stepfamily
Yahoo news, 13 September 2016

We're more antisocial in a shared office space
The Conversation, 13 September 2016

Psychopaths revealed
Radio National Afternoons, 14 September 2016

Which is the smarter sex? How gender affects your learning and career
News.com.au, 6 September 2016

Why men neglect their mental health
The Age, 9 September 2016

Digital heroine
Radio National: Sunday Extra, 11 September 2016